Alexey was born on the 29th of January, 1969 in the city of Barnaul. When he was seven his mother brought him to the local music school and that can be considered the beginning of his prolific career. Although his real passion was sport everything changed when he heard the recording of Count Basie and his band to discover a whole new world of jazz – polar to classical music. At that point of his life Alexey got a lot of support from his great teachers Nadejda Buneyeva and Mikhail Stiuhin.


In 1984 being a first year student of the Piano Department at the music college of Barnaul he brings together his first jazz quintet : Anton Usatiuk (violin), Ilya Gimmelfarb (flute), Dmitriy Rogozin (bass), Mikhail Matkovskiy (percussion). The Novosibirsk jazz festival of 1985 becomes their debut performance after which they continue participating in various local jazz festivals and competitions. They also collaborate with other musicians like Dmitriy Averchenkov, Vladimir Kirpichev, Vladimir Timofeyev, Sergey Skomorohov, Rashid Gadzhiyev, Andrey Lobanov, Vladimir Leshinskiy.


After graduation in 1989 Alexey enters the local Conservatoire and at the same time starts teaching at the music college of Barnaul. His creative activity continues in the orchestra of Vladimir Tolkachev and later in 1995 he moves to the Siberian capital – Novosibirsk to record his first CD – “Silver Quintet” (with A. Lobanov and V. Timofeyev)


In 1996 the new band appears – Art-Trio and in 1998 his friend Oleg Petrikov helps him put the “NewTone” together.

Alexey keeps collaborating with the guest stars of Siberia – on-stage and in the studio – establishing friendship with David Goloschekin, Igor Butman, Valeriy Ponomarev, Arkadiy Shilkloper, Valeriy Kolesnikov, Joe Locke, Tommy Campbell, Jane Parker, Tim Armakost, Bill Skit, Richie Cole, Jessie Jones.


In 2001 the new quintet is formed and this time the experienced musicians like D. Averchenkov and O. Petrikiov play bebop alongside with young, yet extremely talented Nikolay Panchenko (sax) and Artem Fedotov (percussion).

Alexey settles in Moscow in 2003 where turbulent jazz life brings a lot of interesting opportunities. He teams up with Pavel Chekmakovskiy to form “Le Group” band collaborates with David Goloschekin in “The Four”, plays with the best performers of Moscow – Dmitriy Sevast'yanov, Sergey Ostroumov, Aleksandr Mashin, Aleksandr Zinger, Anton Revnyuk, Sergey Hutas, Igor Kondur,  Sergey Vasil'ev, Anton Gorbunov, Anton Rumyancev, Timur Nekrasov, – as well as his collegues from abroad – Richie Cole, Bobby Watson, Marcus Strickland, Abraham Burton, Frank Lacy, Don Braden, Yotam Zilberstein, Ronnie Burrage, Joe Ford, E.J.Strickland, Arturo Stable, Ludwig Afonso, Marshall Keys, Bobby Martinez, Craig Handy, Mike Stern, Bob Malach,  Miles Griffith, Ryan Kysor, Jeremy Pelt, J.D.Walter.


In 2006 Alexey co-organizes the “Jazz-Express in Tver” festival with performances by Larry Corryel, Hiram Bullock Band, the quartet of Wayne Escoffery, the quintet of Abraham Burton – Vitaly Golovnev, the quartet of Ryan Kisor, vocal group “Man Sound”, “Lera Gehner Band”, the quintet of Valeriy Ponomarev – Don Braden, singer Miles Griffith.

“Crossing Rhythms” is yet another important collaboration Alexey managed to carry out.

 With double bass player Oleg Osenkov and percussionist David Tkebuchava “Crossing Rhythms” perform a unique program of world renowned and original pieces.

 Their “baptism of fire” was the journey of 4,500 miles from Irkutsk to Moscow with a dozen of concerts along the way!

In October 2008 “Crossing Rhythms” went on tour with the sax player from New York Abraham Burton.

Now Alexey teams up his new quartet which during 2012-2015 took seven big tours with American jazz stars - harmonica and vibes player Hendrick Meurkens, trumpeter Jason Palmer, drummer Rudy Royston and vocalists Johnaye kendrick and Vanisha Gould.

in November 2015, the month tour of the project ''The Staple'' took place, in which, in addition to Alexey, saxophonist Mark Shim, drummer Colin Stranahan and bass player Yuri Galkin took part. During 2016 & 2017 Alexey organized six more tours with the participation of the world jazz scene: April-May 2016 - Shenel Johns(voc,USA) & Vitaly Golovnev(tp,USA) Quartet, August 2016 - Radovan Tarishka(as, Slovakia) and Alexey Podymkin Trio, October-November 2016 - Godwin Louis(as, USA) and Alexey Podymkin Trio, March, August and October 2017 - Rosario Giuliani(as, Italy) Quartet, April 2017 - Alex Sipiagin(tp,USA) Quartet with Ari Hoenig(dm,USA), October-November-December 2017, six weeks tour of Robert Anchipolovsky(as, Israel)-Alexey Podymkin Quartet.



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